A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Goal: guide the ball to the red cube, using the gravity.

You can select (left-click) a column, then place (right-click), rotate (a/e) or invert (space) it.
You can only move and rotate the columns that are not initially on the board.

The camera can be moved around (z/q/s/d).

When you are satisfied with your column placement, press start (enter). 
You may retry anytime.

When the ball reaches the inside of the red cube, you will go to the next level.
There is only one side of the red cube that is open.


PS : the commands in () are the default values, that you can change in the desktop launcher. The android version uses buttons instead.


GravityPuzzleAndroidAlpha2 21 MB
GravityPuzzle_Win_10.zip 14 MB
GravityPuzzle_Linux_10.zip 31 MB